Sunday, January 26, 2014

Well, it is now 2014 and time is flying by all too quickly. With three grand babies and 6 kids life is always interest in. Here are the highlights of the past couple of years:
Grand baby #2 Aiden Sternberg was born in September of 2012 and I got to go help Crystal for the first couple of weeks and I will always cherish that time. Even though he is a redhead we still love him! (Inside joke)
Travis got married June 2 of 2012 and grand baby #3 arrived 9 months and 10 days later. We told them to wait three YEARS not 3 DAYS but baby Lucas is just as precious as he can be. Its great having him close by.
Yuri started homeschooling in the fall of 2012 in order to get speech therapy and try to get a little bit caught up. He is now doing 8 th  grade math, 7 th  grade history and science and 5/6 language. Language still proves to be his biggest struggle. Along with turning 13, he enjoys royal rangers, soccer, and even did some wrestling which was not his favorite. Having a teenager again is going to be interesting as I find my patience level to be much lower than when our older kids were in that "stage". Bracing ourselves for the years to come as the last two approach those years as well.
Veecha continues to be our social butterfly and makes friends everywhere (as long as his brothers aren't around). He was an excellent wrestler and competed in many tournaments with great results. He even had to wrestle a girl! After the initial cross eyed look he gave us he got down to business and pinned her (and then immediately got up and ran off the mat as if the cooties were chasing him) He us interested in every new opportunity available but really excelled as the catcher of his baseball team. Initially he picked the position be cause he got to wear a cool "costume". That costume gets pretty hot in the spring though. We took a break from all sports this past year in order to focus more on school work. Hasn't really helped although we have enjoyed the break of not having to run from one place to another trying to be at everything. Hoping he will pass 5th grade at this point. He took up the violin this year and enjoys it just a little. Not thinking it will be his thing but we'll see.
Vanya is my still constant companion and Papa has decided that he is actually growing an umbilical chord. I think he is just jealous. I have nightmares about the movie "Failure to Launch" with him as the star. He is a very talented boy but has zero interest or initiative to pursue and one thing. He is still just as cute as a button and its probably a good thing as he wakes up talking and goes a mile a minute until I literally have to close his bedroom door at night. Sometime s he is still talking after the door is closed. He is still by far my most affectionate child and is quite comfortable with his status as the baby. This is quite annoying to Hus brothers however and this there is constant fussing between them. Not all together certain that that will change but am holding out hope! We serve a big God who can handle of the issues of the Passanita nut house so I regularly lay them down at His feet. Good thing His mercies are new every day!
We have enjoyed many visits and visitors and were particularly blessed by a visit from my brother from California whom I had not seen since I was a teenager.
And the biggest news yet: Mayra is engaged! Hooray! I couldn't have handpicked a more perfect mate for her. Let the planning begin! I have already told her we have ordered a pink when it is time for grandbaby#4. We are full up on blue. No pressure, Matt!
Rob continues to work hard while wishing to move closer to retirement. Just because he turned 50 this year he thinks he is elderly. Apparently AARP thinks so as well.
I continue to be amazed at the work God is doing in each of our lives and the blessings that come from simply relying on Him. The URC orphan ministry hosting, adoptions, and missions trips allow me to see first hand that He orchestrates everything and makes everything work together for good.  I continue to stand in awe of the way He weaves people in and through our lives and will be forever grateful for a loving husband and family to do life with while we wait for His return.
In Him,
mama mama mama

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